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One of my team members is only getting part of my SMS message. I'm getting the whole thing. Is that because I have more permissions?

SMS messages by definition were meant to be short, 160 characters or less. Mobile phone companies handle messages longer than that differently. Some companies truncate your message and the chopped off portion is lost. Other companies break your message into parts and send multiple text messages. There is no setting you can change so that your team member gets the whole message. You should send shorter messages. Watch the character length field in the upper right corner of the Messages screen.

Most of my SMS message is taken up by an email address that is about 100 characters long! I can only read a few words of the original message. I used to receive the messages before. What did you change?

We did change servers recently, but you are having a problem with the way your phone company chooses to display an incoming message. They are interpreting the email header wrong and you are seeing more of the header than you should be. You'll need to contact your mobile phone provider so that they can troubleshoot the issue. [Note: customer has T-Mobile]

I do not receive my test message, when the rest of my team does. How come?

I'm not sure if you're referring to an email message or an SMS message, so let's handle both. All messages get sent out as rapidly as possible. The very fact that some team members get the message indicates that the message went out. For an email message, please check your spam folder and allow all incoming messages from the domain of missionmanager.net. For an SMS message, make sure you have a properly formatted phone email address in the format of nnnnnnnnnn@yourmobilecarrier.com where the n's are your mobile phone number with no dashes, and you are using the proper domain for your mobile phone company's email gateway.

You are sending SMS text messages as emails. That is not true SMS. Why do you do it that way?

Because it's free! A true SMS gateway would cost your team money for every text message sent to a mobile phone. It wouldn't matter if your team members have a texting plan, it's a sending fee.

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