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Mission Manager contains a bounced email feature that displays to system administrators a list of currently bouncing emails. The list is viewable on the Messages tab towards the lower right of the screen. The list of bouncing email and text addresses remain there until edited on the Members tab or manually deleted by pressing the red X button.

Help Message Bounce List.png

The Bounced Email list will show the name of the member, offending address, and reason code (if possible). The name of the member is a hyperlink to make editing easier.

Here are some common Email error codes:

5.1.x Bad email address, does not exist, malformed, etc.
5.2.x Mailbox full or otherwise disabled.
5.3.x Mail system errors.
5.4.x Network or routing errors.
5.5.x Invalid commands or protocols.
5.6.x Media or conversion errors.
5.7.x Security or authorization errors.

It's important to note your member DID NOT receive your message if they appear on the bounced email list. It's imperative to fix the member's email or text address to properly communicate with them.