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The Calendar screen allows you to track events for your agency. You can create events such as training, PR, or meetings. These events can be set so members can sign up for them with a limited number of attendees possible or be reminded they need to say whether they are attending or not. Events in the calendar can be limited to specified units or specified certifications. Access to create and delete calendar events can be controlled for each member by the Login Level settings in the Members screen.

The Calendar can be exported to Outlook (ICS) or Excel (CSV) by clicking on the Export Calendar button. Additionally, the Calendar can be shared to Outlook or Google calendars via an API key. Contact your team administrator for API access permission and ask them to email you your API key. Then copy the following URL string in Outlook or Google Calendar to see your team calendar (replace YOUR_API_KEY with your key):

After clicking on Add New Event, the below screen will appear:

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Generally events can only be edited and deleted by those who create that event unless the user has the login permission Calendar Edit Others Events. If a user creates an event and an RSVP is requested then that person can see those who sign up. Other members will need the Calendar See Event Responses login permission in order to see event responses. Some general calendar features are as follows:

  • The Calendar is integrated with your members, so it “knows” a lot more about us, i.e. what units you are in, your qualifications, etc..
  • You can set up events that require an “RSVP”, making attendance collection much easier. The system will send RSVP emails to members with a link for them to specify their attendance intentions.
  • After clicking on an event, the event can be exported to Outlook (ICS) or Excel (CSV) by clicking on Export This Event.

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  • Events in the calendar can be limited to who sees them and who can sign up. For example: events can be limited to Sworn, K9 HR Handlers, USAR Qualified, etc. See above picture.
  • You can set up events that need a certain number of people and the system will remind members until that number of people have signed up for the event.
  • An Event Sign In Sheet can be printed for those members who have said they will be attending an event for those events where an RSVP or Invite has been requested.

Certain types of events such as missions will automatically appear on the calendar.

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When a member enters "Comments" about their planned attendance, this is indicated by an asterisk next to their name in the attendance list (see above picture). The comment can be read in a small popup when hovering the mouse over the members name in the attendance list on the right side of the event page.

Note: For Automatic Time Keeping entries to occur for events, three conditions must be met. If (1) Time Keeping is enabled for your team, and (2) events where an RSVP or invite is requested, and (3) the member responds that they will be attending the event, then a Time Keeping entry will automatically be added to that member for that event once the event happens. Automatic Time Keeping entries will be prefixed with ** in the summary.

Watch the YouTube video: Calendar