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The Documents screen allows you to store team files accessible by your members. Each "Document" on this screen can be one or a collection of files - so, for example, one entry above could be a complete collection of files for a single training class or all the files related to your team's Policies and Procedures grouped together. A "Document" can also be an "in place" edited document, using a built-in editor, or a combination of all.

The following document types are allowed to be uploaded: .doc .ppt .txt .jpg .jpeg .gpx .pdf .xml .docx .pptx .wmv .mov .htm .html .bmp .png .gif .wav .mp3 .mp4 .xls .mpeg .mpg .rtf .dot .tif .mpe .zip .xlsx

Groups of files can be stored under a single document and then downloaded as a single .Zip file.

Document permissions can be set for viewing and editing. This permission can be set by owner, unit, or even individual Team Member.

A built-in text editor can also be used to create documents right on-line as if the user was using a document editor.

Documents can be stored in folders created on the Documents screen.

To add a new collection of documents:

1. Go to the Documents Screen
2. Press the Add New Document(s) button on the lower left
3. Fill in the Document(s) Summary field
4. Use the Add File(s) button or Drag and Drop files from your computer onto the Files section
5. Press the Save New Document(s) button in the lower left to save the new documents

Help DocumentsNew.JPG

From within a mission, mission-specific documents can be stored as shown below.

Help Documentswithinmission.JPG

After clicking on a link to a document, the screen below is shown which provides options to download the documents as a zip file or view and edit the in-place documents. Permissions to view files within a folder or individual documents may be set at the folder level and/or the individual document level by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the folder or file name.

Help DocumentsSample.JPG