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(Related topics: Messages, Configuration)
Mission Manager has an 'email forwarding' feature that will forward messages to your team, or a subset of your team, from an email that you send from your email program. The message type sent by Mission Manager can be an email, text message, or robotic sounding phone call.

Note: The email must be properly formatted as outlined below and the sender must be your registered Mission Manager email or text message address.

To use the feature, you need to create several special email forwarding addresses in the Email Settings section of the Configuration screen. The following is a sample of how you might set up these forwarding addresses in the configuration (of course substitute your team abbreviation for 'teamabbrev' below):

Forward Prefix for Emails: email-teamabbrev
Forward Prefix for Text Messages: sms-teamabbrev
Forward Prefix for Phone Calls: phone-teamabbrev

To use the email feature, send an email message to the following pre-configured addresses: - Will forward the message to all email addresses for all your members - Will forward the message to all SMS addresses for all your members - Will make a phone call to all your members and read them the message contents

Unit (Team Group Divider) names can also be specified as follows <unit>.<forwardprefix> Example:
  • Email prefixes can only contain the characters, 0-9, A-Z, _, or -.
  • Only one email attachment can be sent in your message. If you need to send multiple attachments, send multiple emails or combine into a zip file and send that one file. If you attempt to send an email with multiple attachments, it will fail to go through.
  • Only emails from member email or text message addresses will be accepted for this feature.
  • Emails cannot be forwarded from the same email address used in the Return email address set in the Configuration.
  • Message forwarding can be delayed up to 5 minutes using this method. So for sending out time critical callout messages, it is still best to log into Mission Manager and use the Messages screen.