Hazards Map Legend

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Source and further information: Weather.gov Help - Hazards Map

Hazard/Weather Event Color Sample Color Name
911 Telephone Outage   Silver
Administrative Message   White
Air Quality Alert   Gray
Air Stagnation Alert   Gray
Arroyo and Small Stream Flood Advisory   Springgreen
Ashfall Advisory   Dimgray
Avalanche Warning   Darkgray
Avalanche Watch   Sandybrown
Beach Hazards Statement   Turquoise
Blizzard Warning   Orangered
Blizzard Watch   Greenyellow
Blowing Dust Advisory   Darkkhaki
Brisk Wind Advisory   Thistle
Child Abduction Emergency   Gold
Civil Danger Warning   Lightpink
Civil Emergency Message   Lightpink
Coastal Flood Advisory   Lawngreen
Coastal Flood Statement   Olivedrab
Coastal Flood Warning   Forestgreen
Coastal Flood Watch   Mediumaquamarine
Dense Fog Advisory   Slategray
Dense Smoke Advisory   Khaki
Dust Storm Warning   Bisque
Earthquake Warning   Saddlebrown
Evacuation - Immediate   Chartreuse
Excessive Heat Warning   Mediumvioletred
Excessive Heat Watch   Maroon
Extreme Cold Warning   Blue
Extreme Cold Watch   Blue
Extreme Fire Danger   Darksalmon
Extreme Wind Warning   Darkorange
Fire Warning   Sienna
Fire Weather Watch   navajowhite
Flash Flood Statement   Darkred
Flash Flood Warning   Darkred
Flash Flood Watch   Seagreen
Flood Advisory   Springgreen
Flood Statement   Lime
Flood Warning   Lime
Flood Watch   Seagreen
Freeze Warning   Darkslateblue
Freeze Watch   Cyan
Freezing Fog Advisory   Teal
Freezing Rain Advisory   Orchid
Freezing Spray Advisory   deepskyblue
Frost Advisory   Cornflowerblue
Gale Warning   Plum
Hard Freeze Warning   Darkviolet
Hard Freeze Watch   Royalblue
Hazardous Materials Warning   Indigo
Hazardous Seas Warning   Thistle
Hazardous Seas Watch   Darkslateblue
Hazardous Weather Outlook   Palegoldenrod
Heat Advisory   Coral
Heavy Freezing Spray Warning   Deepskyblue
Heavy Freezing Spray Watch   Rosybrown
High Surf Advisory   Mediumorchid
High Surf Warning   Forestgreen
High Wind Warning   Goldenrod
High Wind Watch   Darkgoldenrod
Hurricane Force Wind Warning   Westernred
Hurricane Force Wind Watch   Darkorchid
Hurricane Local Statement   Moccasin
Hurricane Warning   Crimson
Hurricane Watch   Magenta
Hydrologic Advisory   Springgreen
Hydrologic Outlook   Lightgreen
Ice Storm Warning   Darkmagenta
Lake Effect Snow Advisory   Mediumturquoise
Lake Effect Snow Warning   Darkcyan
Lake Effect Snow Watch   Lightskyblue
Lake Wind Advisory   Tan
Lakeshore Flood Advisory   Lawngreen
Lakeshore Flood Statement   Olivedrab
Lakeshore Flood Warning   Forestgreen
Lakeshore Flood Watch   Mediumaquamarine
Law Enforcement Warning   Silver
Local Area Emergency   Silver
Low Water Advisory   Brown
Marine Weather Statement   Peachpuff
Nuclear Power Plant Warning   Indigo
Radiological Hazard Warning   Indigo
Red Flag Warning   Deeppink
Rip Current Statement   Turquoise
Severe Thunderstorm Warning   Orange
Severe Thunderstorm Watch   Palevioletred
Severe Weather Statement   Aqua
Shelter In Place Warning   Salmon
Short Term Forecast   Palegreen
Small Craft Advisory   Thistle
Small Craft Advisory For Hazardous Seas   Thistle
Small Craft Advisory For Rough Bar   Thistle
Small Craft Advisory For Winds   Thistle
Small Stream Flood Advisory   Springgreen
Special Marine Warning   Orange
Special Weather Statement   Moccasin
Storm Warning   Darkviolet
Storm Watch   Moccasin
Test   Azure
Tornado Warning   Red
Tornado Watch   Yellow
Tropical Depression Local Statement   Moccasin
Tropical Storm Local Statement   Moccasin
Tropical Storm Warning   Firebrick
Tropical Storm Watch   Lightcoral
Tsunami Advisory   Chocolate
Tsunami Warning   Tomato
Tsunami Watch   Fushsia
Typhoon Local Statement   Moccasin
Typhoon Warning   Crimson
Typhoon Watch   Magenta
Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory   Springgreen
Volcano Warning   darkslategray
Wind Advisory   Tan
Wind Chill Advisory   Paleturquoise
Wind Chill Warning   Lightsteelblue
Wind Chill Watch   Cadetblue
Winter Storm Warning   Hotpink
Winter Storm Watch   Steelblue
Winter Weather Advisory   Mediumslateblue