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Mission Manager allows you to set up an optional fee-based message line that allows many callers to call a line at once and listen to mission information via a third party company called Twilio. The message can be easily changed with the message line PIN number. Callout notifications to all members can also be initiated directly from the callout message line. You must have a Twilio account to use this feature - see for information about setting up this account.

The member notification messages are generic (i.e. Callout, call message line for more information.), and can be customized with the settings above. If you want a custom message you can set them in the Configuration section. Callout messages (Press "5" below) will actually call your team members and play the message you left on the callout line.

You can leave a new or updated message, members calling the message line have the ability to step through all the messages for a mission from the same callout line.

The following are the steps needed:

1.Once you have a Twilio account you will need to get a phone number that will be your message line. You can do this with the Buy a Number on your Twilio Phone Numbers page.

2.Enter your new Twilio phone number in the Twilio - Caller ID Phone Number field on the Mission Manager Configuration screen.

3.Once you have a phone number click on the Edit link on the Twillio Numbers screen for your number, then add the following link to the [Voice & Fax] incoming call Webhook URL:, where ????????????? is your Twilio SID. This SID can be found on your Twilio Dashboard screen.

4. If you choose to use native text messaging with Twilio, add the following link to the [Messaging] incoming message Webhook URL:

5.The message line has very simple commands and they are as follows:

Update Callout Message
1. Call (760) 555-1212. - (use your message line number)
2. Press 9 or * when you hear the greeting
3. Enter PIN: 1234 (this PIN can be changed in the Configuration screen)
Press 1 to record a new message
Press 2 to record an update message
Press 3 to review last message
Press 4 to clear messages
Press 5 to send call out notification
Press 6 to send cancel notification
Press 7 to send update notification
Press 8 to send information notification
Press 9 to repeat this menu
Press * to exit menu
Listening to the Callout Message
1 - to rewind the message
2 - go to the previous message

6.You can set a PIN password for changes to the message on your message line with the Callout message line password setting.

Watch the YouTube video: Making Phone Calls Using Twilio