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The Login screen allows you to log into Mission Manager. Enter an email address and a password and press the Login button.

Once you are logged in you can log out with the Logout button in the lower left corner of all screens.

Teams are encouraged to give all of their members a system log in. Permissions can be set for each member's login. See the Members Login Level section for more information.

Change Password - Link at the bottom of all screens allows users to change their login password. This option is only available when logged into the system. Resetting a password with this link will only reset the password for the account you are currently logged into. If you are a member of multiple team accounts (described below), you can choose to have a Multiple Team Login that will allow you to use one email address and password amongst all your team accounts. You will need to set the same password for each account. If an email address is used for more than one login, then changing the password will change all the passwords associated with that email address.

Register New Team - Allows you to create a new Mission Manager team. Only email addresses not assigned to any team can be used to create new team accounts.

Recover Lost Password - The Recover Lost Password button will allow a member to reset their password for a given email. For security the recovery process is a two step process: first the system will send an email that contains a reset link, then when a user clicks on the link the system will send a new randomly generated password to the member.
1) Click on Recover Lost Password button, then enter email address on the next screen. A message at the top directs you to check email for link to reset password.
2) Check email (including SPAM). When you click on the emailed password reset link, it sends you back to MM. That's the subtle part! However the wording up top is slightly different asking you to check email again, this time for your new credentials.

3) Check email (including SPAM). Login with new password and use password link at the footer of the MM webpage to change password if desired.

YouTube Video: Password Recovery

Note About Entering Wrong Password Too Many Times

If 'Wrong Password' feature enabled, Mission Manager will disable a user account that has exceeded the number of bad password attempts set in the Configuration screen. If that happens, a user would need to contact their team administrator to re-enable their account. For more information, see the Security Settings section of the Configuration screen.

Multiple Logins

Having multiple team logins into Mission Manager using the same email address is supported by the system. You can use different passwords for each account and each password will log you into the account it is associated with. If you set the same password for more than one team account with the same email you will be presented with the following screen when logging in. This screen will show you a list of all the teams associated with your login and allow you to pick what team you want to log into with the Login button next to each team. This screen also has a special Change Password for all Accounts that will allow you to change the password for all the accounts listed. See a sample of the dialog below:

Help MultiTeam.png

YouTube Video: Password Recovery