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Being a browser based program, Mission Manager cannot directly communicate with GPS hardware. So here are the steps to import and export map elements with a GPS receiver. These instructions assume you have already installed a 3rd party application to interface with your GPS unit, like the free program EasyGPS. You'll also need to load the correct GPS drivers into your computer so that when you plug your GPS into the USB port, your computer recognizes your GPS.

Sending Map Elements to a GPS Unit

1. Within a mission, define a search area on the Mission Manager map screen. Use any of the map tools to draw an area or path. If using the polygon tool, be sure to end your drawing at the first point to close the shape. Mission Manager will name the map element, but you can rename that if you like (e.g. Team_9).

2. Use the "Export Map Data" button on the Map screen. It's on the lower left of your screen.

3. Save the export as a GPX file.

4. Import that GPX file into 3rd party software (EasyGPS works great). The GPX file imports as tracks.

5. Using the 3rd party software, "Send" the tracks to your GPS unit. You can choose to send all map elements, or just the team's assignment by left clicking a particular map element and sending that to the GPS unit via a context dialog box.

6. On your GPS, go to the Main Menu and click on the Tracks screen or icon.

7. On your GPS, highlight and then click the Saved Tracks you just sent to the unit. It will be named the same name you chose in step 1.

8. On the Saved Track detail screen, there is a checkbox for "Show on Map". Make sure that is checked. You will see on your GPS the tracks outlining the search area you made in Mission Manager.

Importing Tracks from a GPS Unit into a Mission Manager Map

1. Using 3rd party software (EasyGPS works great), retrieve the GPS tracks from your GPS unit.

2. Save the file as a GPX file.

3. Within a mission, on the Maps screen, import the tracks via the "Import Map Data" button. It's important to be inside a mission when importing the tracks, otherwise they end up on the generic map page and not saved along with your other mission data.