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Thank you for your interest in Mission Manager! There are many resources on this website to help you get the most out of the program. If you're having problems, please reach out to our Technical Support department. We also have an active Support Community with a searchable database for guidance. Check out the FAQ section and Videos too.

How to Use These Help Pages

We know you want to jump right in and use the software, so this site has been designed to let you do that. Pick a topic on the navigation bar on the left side and explore. As you read a particular topic, there will be links to related material or videos. Use the Search box at the top right of any page to see all the topics that share a keyword.

Getting Started

If you have not started a team yet, you can do that on the Registration page.

If you have started a team, visit the Getting Started page for pointers on what to do next. As always, please reach out if you are having any difficulties.

Mission Manager is powerful, cloud-based software designed for first responders. Thank you for what you do for your community and thank you for choosing us!