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  • If you want to add new members from your team, you can use the “Add New Member” button on the Members Tab. You can then enable logins for these new members with the “Login Level” at the bottom of the same screen. Those who first registered their account have full access and are system administrators.
  • You can also batch add many of your team members using the Import Members button on the Members page.
  • Click on the icons on the map, especially Clues and Subjects for more information about those objects.
  • Double clicking on elements in the list to the left of the Map will zoom you to that area.
  • When a team status is changed to “Finished Assignment” team members are returned to the Available column.
  • When a team is Debriefed, the Team Leader is automatically moved to the Available column.
  • The items on the map are populated from the data entered. If you double click on an item in this list it will center it in the map.
  • The Messages screen can make phone calls to your members, make sure the "Msg" box is checked on the members page next to their phone numbers they want to be called.
  • You can save e-copies of your time keeping reports to your computer by: Selecting the “Print Member Report” button, close the print button, right-click on the open report and select “Save As” to save a file.
  • All the data can be entered/viewed from any number of computers over the Web. It updates every 30 seconds on all other screens logged in, or whatever update time you set in the Configuration. So if the Interview team had a wireless connection the field data they enter would appear in command real time.
  • Entering data into some fields, like Command Post Name, Weather conditions, etc. automatically add entries into the Event Log.
  • Don’t lose your login information and make sure to bring it to missions.
  • If you forget your password, you can use the “Recover Lost Password” link on the main Login page.