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This screen allows you to open existing missions or create new ones. These mission can be Web Missions or Offline Missions. Members must have the correct permissions to access your team's missions.

Once you open a mission the tabs at the the top of the screen will change to mission tabs (depending on the 'Mission Type' setting on the General screen). To leave a mission and go back to non-Mission screens use the Leave Mission button at the bottom left of the screen.

This screen also allows you to download missions for offline use and upload offline missions back to the web. Offline and Web missions can be edited at the same time, the information from each are automatically synced when the Cache Maps / Sync Missions button is pressed. Fields edited last will have their entries synced with either offline or Web missions.

Web Missions

This section lists all of your team's Web Missions. Web missions can be accessed by any number of people at the same time. The following is a description of the buttons in this section:

New Web Mission - Will allow you to create a new online mission.

Open Web Mission - Once a online mission is selected it can be opened with this button.

Delete - Allows you to delete a Web Mission.

Download for Offline - Downloads a Web Mission to the local computer for offline use. Also will sync missions between offline and the Web.

Offline Missions

Offline features are only available to those members who have the Offline Missions login member permission.

Active Member information is downloaded to your local computer for offline missions. This allows members to be checked in, just like they are with a Web Mission. Guest members can be created when offline and these will be synced back up to the Web. Your active member information cannot be edited when offline, this information can only be edited when online.

New Offline Mission - Allows you to create a new Offline Mission.

Delete - Allows you to delete a Web Mission.

Pick Mission Map Area - Allows you to window an area on the map, the area selected will have its map tiles cached to your computer for offline use. Press this button and then select two points on your map. Each offline mission can have a different selected map area.

Link with Web Mission - Links a mission that was created Offline with a Web Mission. Only missions created offline need to be uploaded in this manner. Select an offline mission that is not linked to a Web Mission, select an online mission, and press this button. A Web Mission can only be linked with a single Offline one.

Cache Maps / Sync Missions - This button will sync up all offline and Web mission information. It will also prepare missions for offline use, by downloading the selected map areas to the local computer. This button must be pressed when online when changes to selected map areas are changed before going offline.

Find - Will allow you to find a location, city street, address, etc. on the map, so the Mission Area can be selected and the maps can be cached.

Both offline and Web missions can be edited while in the same browser. Once everything is properly cached you will be able to select an "Offline" mission and there will be an "Open Offline Mission" button. This is how you open the offline mission. When you have no internet you simply go to: https://www.missionmanager.net/Missions-Offline.php , and MM will still work without a Web connection.

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