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Use this screen to print the various reports and ICS forms relating to a mission. The Completed Forms are automatically populated based on current mission information. Also displayed on the left side of the screen are the real time statistics for the currently active mission.

Help ReportsNew1.JPG

This reports screen will be different depending on whether you are logged into a mission or not. If you are logged in you will see real time mission statistics and related forms. If you are not in an active mission you will see information about your members. The number of K9s and Horses come from the Equipment Checks in the Member Fields Configuration.

Personnel Status Report- The Personnel Status Report gives a summary of the personnel and their assignments while involved in a mission. At the top of the report is the Mission Status, showing elapsed mission time, number of team assignments, current number of personnel, and total number of personnel. It also shows mileage if that was entered when checking members into the mission.

The next section gives a breakdown of the number of personnel by Unit.

Finally the report summarizes the time each member was on scene, including Available time when waiting to be deployed and each of their assignments with start and end times. It also shows current assignment if they are currently checked into the mission.

Personnel status report.jpg

Compress Map Areas and Tracks- (from within a Mission only) This is an advanced feature that will allow you to compress map areas and tracks. Most all missions will have no need for this compression. The side effect of this is it will make your lines less accurate, the benefit is your browser may be happier. This can not be undone.

Member System Access - This is a report for which show the level of access each of your team members has in the system. This button is only available for system administrators or members who have Edit Member Login Levels access.

Export Member System Access - This button creates a CSV file of Member System Access information for download.

ICS Forms - Standardized Incident Command System (ICS) forms are available in the Reports section.

ICS forms1.PNG

Blank forms may be printed by using the corresponding ICS Blank Forms button.

Pre-filled, editable forms may be viewed, edited and printed by using the corresponding ICS Standard Pre-filled Forms button while logged into a mission. Certain fields on each form will pre-populate with information from the current mission. In order to edit information on a form, click the ‘Cancel’ button on the print dialogue pop-up. Edit the field information as needed and then use Control+P to print after editing.

Due to the inclusion of the map on the pre-filled ICS 201, a Sendtoprinter.PNG button will appear at the top of the page and need to be clicked on to print instead of the method described above.

On Pre-filled forms that list ICS positions, ICS position names must match the position names set up in Configuration -Mission Types in order to auto fill properly on the form.

ICS reports are best viewed in the Chrome web browser at the zoom level of 100%.

 Note: Information that is edited or entered on an ICS form will be recorded in the Event Log and Detailed Mission Change History. 

Detailed Mission Change History


The option to view detailed mission changes is available to administrators only and will include changes made to the General page, Teams, Event log, Radio log, and Maps. Detailed Mission Change History reports can be printed by using Control-P.