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This screen allows you to make team assignments. Team members and team leaders can be dragged from the Available Personnel list and dropped into the appropriate location. When a team's Status is marked as "Finished Assignment", all of the team members will be made "Available" for a new assignment. When a team is marked as "Debriefed" the team leader is released and made Available for a new assignment. Setting a teams status to "Canceled Assignment" will also release all members as well as delete any team tracks assigned to the team.

When the team status is marked as Debriefed, the Debrief Date and Time is automatically filled in. When a Team's status is marked as Finished Assignment, the Assignment Finished Date and Time is automatically filled in.

Print Team Assignment- Team assignment sheets can be printed with this button. This sheet is intended to be given to teams heading out to a field assignment.

Print Team Map- If a defined Map Area is checked off for a team(right side of screen) then that Map Area will print when using this button.

Import Team Track(GPX) - GPX files contain GPS tracking data which can be recorded on and download from most GPS units. This method can be used to record team track location while in the field. Once a file is selected with the Upload Team GPX Track button, it will upload a GPX file for the selected team. GPS track information should be cleared before teams are sent into the field. Use your GPS's software to download a GPX file and then use this button to upload it.

Export Team Data- creates a CSV file for download containing all team data.

Message Team- when clicked will go to the Messaging tab with the team members pre-selected.

The Show Only check boxes allow you to specifically filter the member list based on qualifications. The Dropdown box at the end of this list allows you to specify if the members must match all of the checked boxes, or any of the checked boxes. The Show Only list can be customized in the Configuration screen.

The "Map Area(s)" list are all the map areas that have been defined on the Map screen. You can select (check) the map areas that are assigned to the selected team. When map areas are selected in this way and a team assignment is printed, a map will also print with the selected team areas shown and a grid in the default coordinate system as defined in the Configuration screen.

This screen like many other screens in Mission Manager can be changed by multiple people on different computers at the same time. Changes by one person will automatically be reflected on all other screens logged into the same mission.

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Watch the YouTube video: Mission and Team Assignments