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After a team completes an assignment they will use this screen to enter Debrief information relating to their mission. This screen and the fields presented change based on the type of team. When a team's status is marked as "Finished Assignment", all team members will be made "Available" for a new assignment except the team leader. When a team is marked as "Debriefed", the team leader is released and made Available for a new assignment.

When a Team's status is marked as Finished Assignment, the Assignment Finished Date and Time is automatically filled in. The debriefed status becomes available in the status dropdown after a team is marked as Finished Assignment. When the team status is marked as Debriefed, the Debrief Date and Time is automatically filled in.

As per the various ICS forms for different team types, this screen will change based on the team type. For example, a K9 team will have different debrief fields than a hasty team. Depending on the team type and the amount of data entered, this screen will print as many as three different debrief forms per team.

Help DebriefNew.JPG

As shown below, at the bottom of each debrief form the person doing the debrief with the team leader can enter his or her name and a date for further documentation.