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The Mission Manager system is very easy for anyone to operate who understands missions. It is designed around the standard Incident Command System (ICS) forms and will automatically generate these forms as you enter data while helping you manage the mission from initial callout to finish. The following are a few basic steps to get you moving quickly:

1. Mission Manager can be used on the Web or Offline, see the Missions screen for more information about working offline.

2. Create a Mission Manager Account (if you are reading this you probably have already done that) then Log In.

3. You can customize the member fields in the Configuration screen, including such things as the Equipment and Certifications that you want to track as well as other fields can be changed to match what your team uses.

4. Add your members to the Members Screen. You can setup each member's login permissions, if you want, so they can maintain their own information.

5. Try using the Messages screen to send emails, text messages or make phone calls to your members.

Tip: To send phone calls you will need to set up a Twilio phone account- see the Configuration section.

6. On the Missions screen, select the sample mission and press the Open Existing Mission button. Experiment with the various screens to get to know the system.

7. On the Missions screen, you can create a new mission by typing in a name and pressing the New Mission button.

8. On the General screen, fill in information about the mission.

9. On the Subjects screen, create a new subject and fill in all the information about a mission person/subject.

10. As members arrive on scene, have them check in on the Check In screen by entering their ID Number. Their ID number is set on the Members screen.

11. Use the Personnel screen to identify key ICS positions such as Incident Commander, Planning and Operations Officers by dragging their names into the appropriate places.

12. Form teams on the Teams screen by dragging personnel into team positions and describing their assignment. Team assignments can be printed from this screen and given to teams.

13. On the Maps screen define mission areas and print these maps for the teams.

14. When teams return from the field have them debrief on the Debrief screen. Don't forget to change a teams status when they finish an assignment and are debriefed so the members are marked as available.

15. All ICS forms for a mission can be printed on the Reports screen.

The following video provides an overview of Mission Manager:

You Tube Video-Mission Manager Getting Started