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Tasks Outside of a Mission: "General Tasks"

This screen allows you to assign and keep track of general tasks for your team members outside any Mission. Tasks can be assigned to Members and when a particular task is completed, the person who created the task is notified. A history of the task is also tracked and any person involved in the task can add history notes. Access to the General Tasks screen can be controlled for each member in the Members Login Level section.

General Tasks A edited.jpg

Tasks Within a Mission: "Mission Tasks"

When inside a Mission, the General Tasks tab changes to be Mission Tasks. The Mission Tasks tab starts out empty for each Mission and looks similar to the General Tasks tab and operates the same way.

Mission Tasks A.png

Each Mission has its own separate set of Mission Tasks that are unique to that particular Mission. Mission Tasks are ideal for assignments that don't quite rise to the level of being assigned to a team, but need to be tracked for accountability. Some ICS-centric teams use Mission Tasks to create future operational goals.