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This page shows current member assignments, availability and status for a mission. Members can be dragged from the different lists to their assignments. When a member leaves a mission they should be dragged into the Checked Out list. A single member may check in and out of a mission many times over the life of that mission.

Field Qualified - For a member to be field qualified several qualifications must be met. They are as follows:

  • Status - Must be Active.
  • All fields in the Configuration screen that have the Field Qualified check must be set in the Member Fields (all certifications must be met or the member will not be considered Field Qualified). These certifications which are required to be Field Qualified have an asterisk next to them on the Members page.

This screen like many other screens in Mission Manager can be changed by multiple people on different computers at the same time. Changes by one person will automatically be reflected on all other screens logged into the same mission.

The Show Only check boxes allow you to specifically filter the member list based on member qualifications. The Dropdown box at the end of this list allows you to specify if the members must match all of the checked boxes, or the other option is any of the checked boxes. The Show Only list can be customized in the Configuration screen.

For Teams that have automatic time keeping enabled in the Configuration, when a member is checked out from a mission a time keeping record with their mission time will automatically be logged.

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Watch the YouTube video: Mission and Team Assignments

ICS Positions

Use the Personnel screen to place available members in key ICS positions.

ICS positions are defined in the Configuration section and with the exception of the Picnic and Training mission types will contain the following positions by default:

Incident Commander,Branch Director,Division/Group Supervisor,Planning Section Chief,Operation Section Chief,Finance/Administrator Section Chief,Logistics Section Chief,Liaison Officer,Safety Officer,Public Information Officer

These names will appear as drag and drop areas on the Personnel Screen. All ICS position changes are logged on the Event Log.

Note: The "Incident Commander" or "IC" position will not allow more than one person to have that position, and if a second person is dropped into this position the existing person will automatically be moved the the Available area. The other positions may have more than one person in place at a time.