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The General screen contains the general information for a mission. The information entered on this screen will be propagated throughout all the ICS forms. This screen like many other screens in Mission Manager can be changed by multiple people on different computers at the same time. Changes by one person will automatically be reflected on all other screens logged into the same mission.

Help GeneralNew.JPG

Current Mission Status can be set to Active, Suspended, Closed or Locked. There are associated settings in the Login Level for members. With a mission marked as Suspended or Closed it will not be available to users who do not have access to Non-Active missions. Missions with status set to Locked will be 'Read Only' when opened by users who do not have the "Missions - Can Lock Missions" login permission. If a mission is marked as sensitive, a user must have the "Mission - Sensitive Missions" in order to view the mission.

A Mission Briefing form including a general map can be printed by using the Print Mission Briefing button on the upper right of the screen. General mission data can be exported into a CSV file through Export General Data button.

The Mission Type field is a special field that will specify the mission type. These mission types can be defined in the Mission Types section of the Configuration screen. Changing the mission type will change the screens viewed and various settings for members logged into the mission.

Mission Check List fields are configurable in the Mission Types section of Configuration, and change when the Mission Type is changed on the General Screen.

The Current Operational Period is set via the General Screen. Users may change the Operational Period at will, either at 12 or 24 hour intervals. The Operational Period will then be advanced for new items on the Event Log, Radio Log, and various ICS reports.

To the right of the Command Post Location field is the GPS Location Calculator Help GPSCalc3.PNG. This will bring up a GPS coordinate conversion tool which is shown below.

Help GPSCalc2.PNG

The following video shows how Mission Types can be used on the General screen:

You Tube- Mission Manager Mission Types video